Here's a list of the people that made the cut and everything. To get your audio, please contact me. I will send you your audio via email or AIM. If your anime is listed as "unknown" then please contact me with what anime you are using before requesting the audio for your part. Congrats to everyone that made the cut, now lets edit!!!

and edit well I hope...

Time Slot Editor Song Title Anime
Part One
0:00 - 1:31 DrngdKreationz Cruel Angels Thesis (Opening Credits) -
1:31 - 2:33 Bakadeshi Both Of You, Dance Like You Want To Win! Unknown
2:33 - 3:41 TheMaan Angel Attack II A Detective Story (AniMatrix)
3:41 - 4:41 DoKool The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still RahXephon
4:41 - 5:32 BigDude Fly Me To The Moon (Aki Jungle Remix) Escaflowne: The Movie
Commercial GreenJinjo Waking Up In The Morning Evangelion
Part Two
0:00 - 0:57 Jasper-Isis She Said, "Don't Make Others Suffer For Your Personal Hatred Program (AniMatrix)
0:57 - 1:49 Katsumi_AMVs Spending Time In Preparation Dragon Ball Z
1:49 - 2:44 TheUnlimited When I Find Peace of Mind Samurai X: Reflection
2:44 - 3:23 [lmt]_lucas A Crystalline Night Sky Arjuna
3:23 - 4:31 DrngedKreationz Fly Me To The Moon (End Credits) -
4:31 - 4:48 TheMaan, unless someone else really wants to do this! Next Episode -
Approx. Run Time: 11:20

Back-Up Editors: DoKool has had to step up to take the place of Maverick-Rubik, so now there are none, If anyone wants to be a back-up editor, please contact me. If I don't have any back-up editors then it will be open to the public again, just check out the org forums.

Your Video!

29.97 FPS HuffYUV AVI at 720x480 resolution.

NO fansubs or downloaded footage at all! You will, I repeat, WILL be using DVD footage.

I have included about 1 second or so of the previous song before yours and 1 second of the song after. This is for smoother transitions. You MUST edit this part.

Deadline for final videos is February 15, 2004. This gives you 2 months and 10 days to edit your video. The style of the songs is very mellow and peaceful. I'm going for a more artistic sort-of project. Your video should be this style of editing and visuals, please watch Playground Love or even A God-Awful Small Affair for inspiration. When you are ready to send me your video then catch me on AIM or send me an email at and I will get back to you with the FTP information. Once you have uploaded your video, notify me and I'll download it. You must tell me a.s.a.p. because the space on this server is limited and I need to make room for other things as it isn't my server. We have to be nice as this is free hosting, heh.